Monday, June 30, 2008

Ward Prayer

I tried to upload a video but it was too big. We thought that we were pretty funny. Each of us dressed up like one of the other roommates and then we were interviewed as them. The very end got cut off, but other than that it is all here. I was April, Melanie was Mickie, Kellie was me, Mickie was Kellie, and April was Melanie. We even tried to pick up on each others mannerisms so if you look in the background you will see us doing some pretty weird things. We had a great time and made people laugh, so what more can I ask for. We had been planning this for a while, so I am glad that it turned out well and that people got to know us better. We even got the Bishop laughing.
Above is a picture of all of us. From left to right: Melanie as Mickie, Mickie as Kellie, April as Melanie, me as April, and Kellie as me. This is a fun picture because we are all acting as the other person makes me really happy. We had a great time and I found out about some weird quirks that I have that I didn't even know about.

This weekend we also had a great time for Alli's birthday. We floated the canal and played frisbee golf. I live to Frolf. Just kidding but I like to say that. It was fun and I was horrible at it. But as long as I enjoy being bad that is all that matters. Then on Saturday we floated the canal and had strawberry shortcake. We also made Cafe Rio salads on Sunday...those are always good. All in all I think that we should have more birthdays, because then we could party all year round.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Over June 13-15 I went to a conference in Boulder, Colorado. I had a really great time and I learned a lot. I also found my new favorite hardware store. It is in Boulder and its name is McGuckin Hardware. Don't worry, I got a t-shirt from the hardware store.

The picture above is of me presenting the first day of the conference. I think that I look really silly presenting and not just because my mouth is open in this picture. I talk with my hands too much.

This is me the morning of launch. Each school launched a payload on a weather balloon that testing something for the satellites that we are each designing. We were testing the release mechanism for our photometer tube cover. It was pretty exciting.

Above is a picture of the weather balloon carrying up the payloads. Along with our payload went a pair of my socks and my t-shirt. We forgot to bring foam to insulate our box so I had to go into the bathroom right before launch and take off my shirt. So I wore just a sweatshirt for the entire day. Scandalous I know.

Above is a picture of Utah State's SHOT II team on the morning of launch. I am on the left, the Josh, Keith, and Nicholas. And don't worry at this point I don't have my t-shirt on. Overall it was a good experience our payload didn't work because of the difference in the coefficient of thermal expansion of epoxy and aluminum. I learned a lot at this conference and it wasn't all about satellites and weather balloons.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Better Late than NEVER!!!! TAG!

10 years ago:
I was 12 years old and just entered Young Womens...I was probably still trying to memorize the YW Theme. I also had just come down with a horrible case of Pneumonia and don't remember two weeks of my life.

5 things on my to do list:
- Whip test a dummy loaded payload box
- Assemble SHOT II payload box
- Weed and water the garden
- Prepare my Relief Society Lesson
- Wreak Havoc and Rob Banks

5 Snacks I enjoy
- Graham Crackers and Chocolate Milk
- Ritz Crackers and Peas
- Fruit Snacks (especially of the Lego variety)
- Blueberry Muffins

5 Places I have lived
- Bloomington Hills (St. George)
- Bloomington (St. George)
- Logan, Utah
- Janesville, Wisconsin
- Dentist Office #5

What would I do if I became a Billionaire:
If I became a Billionaire...I would pay A LOT of taxes. Then I would buy a really nice car and I would become a certified skydiver. I would pay off all of my family's debts and buy every single one of them a house. Then I would buy all of my friends that are teachers Smart Boards and give them more funding to buy cool stuff for their classrooms. Then I would build myself a shop where I could tinker and build really cool stuff. Then I would spoil my nieces and nephews rotten. And then I would give money to UNICEF...because Audrey Hepburn supported them so I will too. And I will buy Patt land in Mexico, he will have to pay for his own boat. Then I would that I could give even more people money.

5 Jobs I've had:
- Little Caesars Pizza
- Research Assistant
- Assembly Line Worker at RAM
- Internship at SSI/Bourns in Janesville
- Harnessing/Thermal lead at USUSat

5 Things you don't know about me:
- I have had 2 cysts removed from my face
- I played the flute in the band for 4 years
- I went to computer camp as a kid, one time at computer camp...
- I make a mean pizza...I should after working at Little Caesars for 2.5 years
- I have a deep resonating faith in my Heavenly Father and Saviour Jesus Christ

I TAG...Emily, I don't know very many people