Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snowshoeing and 25-3

So this weekend my roommates and I rented some snowshoes from the ORC and had a riotous time traipsing around Logan canyon. Friday night we did a little nigh snowshoeing which was fun for my first time...the snow really brightened everything up so we didn't even have to use flashlights. Then this afternoon we did some snowshoeing up the Jardine Juniper trail. It was so much fun to blaze through the powder and jump off little hills. I have definitely taken a liking to snowshoeing and if I end up somewhere where they have snow, I just might invest into a pair of my very own. Maybe 2 pairs so that I can convince someone to go with me. And Stacie if you will notice in the picture, I am wearing the very cute green striped turtle neck that you have me my freshman year at college. Snowshoeing was a lot of fun and I would recommend it to anyone that likes to hike.In sad and bad news, Utah State lost to Saint Mary's today by 11 points. So much for being ranked in the top 25. I would be deeply depressed if I didn't have such a good time going snowshoeing. But our official record of the season is 25-3, hopefully we will be able to pull off some more wins before the end of the season and clinch the WAC Championship regular season title. Then I get to enjoy the WAC Tournament. GO AGGIES!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am coming off the high of another great Aggie basketball game. Which is good considering the depression that I was in after the loss to Boise on Saturday. Last night the Aggie men played CS Bakersfield and came off with a 21 point win with a final score of 78-57. It was a good game and Matt Formisano even made 7 points and 5 rebounds. It was a good game for him and I always like to see him succeed because he lacks confidence.

With a record of 25-2, it has been a great season with the Aggies. GO AGGIES!


But on to the big news, this Saturday at 3 o'clock Mountain Standard time Utah State will be playing Saint Mary's in their ESPN bracketbuster. This promises to be a good game considering that the teams are pretty well matched up. It will be a hard game for the Aggies because it will be at Saint Mary's. So if you have ESPN2 or know somebody that does I would recommend watching the Aggies take on Saint Mary's.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photo Tag

So, I was tagged by my sister Stacie for a photo tag. And I was thinking how can I do this because my computer just crashed and I had to get a new hard drive so there are no pictures currently on my computer. But lucky for you and me I have facebook. So I went to my 4th album and took my 4th picture.Here it is in all its glory. This picture was taken when I was living in Wisconsin, the summer of 2006. It was the summer that the movie Superman Returns came out and as you can probably tell I was really excited for the movie. My friend April made me this cape to watch the movie in and it was basically amazing so I had to take like 50 pictures of me wearing it.

I just had to add this picture, eventhough it was the 5th picture. It is much cuter because it has my adorable neice and nephew are in their capes with me...we had a great summer with our superhero capes.