Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Over June 13-15 I went to a conference in Boulder, Colorado. I had a really great time and I learned a lot. I also found my new favorite hardware store. It is in Boulder and its name is McGuckin Hardware. Don't worry, I got a t-shirt from the hardware store.

The picture above is of me presenting the first day of the conference. I think that I look really silly presenting and not just because my mouth is open in this picture. I talk with my hands too much.

This is me the morning of launch. Each school launched a payload on a weather balloon that testing something for the satellites that we are each designing. We were testing the release mechanism for our photometer tube cover. It was pretty exciting.

Above is a picture of the weather balloon carrying up the payloads. Along with our payload went a pair of my socks and my t-shirt. We forgot to bring foam to insulate our box so I had to go into the bathroom right before launch and take off my shirt. So I wore just a sweatshirt for the entire day. Scandalous I know.

Above is a picture of Utah State's SHOT II team on the morning of launch. I am on the left, the Josh, Keith, and Nicholas. And don't worry at this point I don't have my t-shirt on. Overall it was a good experience our payload didn't work because of the difference in the coefficient of thermal expansion of epoxy and aluminum. I learned a lot at this conference and it wasn't all about satellites and weather balloons.


todd & nicole said...

That is so funny. I can't believe your shirt and socks went up too. You should have made the guys pitch in their socks and shirts. It looks like you had a great time. So fun.

Deneille said...

Oooh what else did you learn about besides satellites and weather balloons? ;) I am so glad that you updated your blog...it looks as though you had a good time in Boulder! Keep up all the good work...you are amazing!!!

PS Patt is jealous that you got to go to Boulder. (It is one of the many places he has lived and misses.)

Kristen Mortensen said...

Don't you know that chivalry is dead? That is why I am the one that stripped at the launch site. And I am willing to go to Boulder with Patt and you, I definitely didn't get to see enough of it.

Kyle and Alli said...

Yeah Kristen! now I have you linked on mine too! Hooray for blogs :-)