Sunday, October 9, 2011

In Honor of "The Office" - Planking

So the other day while watching "The Office" the cold start was about planking. I had never heard anything about planking before but I was intrigued. I googled it...I saw some crazy pictures of people up a pole or in a tree. So of course I decided that this was something that I definitely had to try. Of course on my first attempt, I had to take someone like Mickie with me and we wouldn't be climbing to any crazy heights. I know...lame but maybe next time.

Double Plank! We had to get one with both of us, it just made it that much cooler that it was suspended. Even if it was only 2 feet. Baby steps!

Mickie was definitely the best planker. This was on a bridge overlooking the river in Idaho Falls. I tried to do the same thing, but casually failed. Further proof that Mickie is super cool.

I was the Queen of the trash can plank. Don't worry...there wasn't really anything in the trash cans and I think that it turned out pretty cool. Plus later we saw this squirrel doing something very similar. Planking is the way that nature has fun.

Can you plank on a fence? This fence overlooking the falls in Idaho Falls was the perfect place for a plank. Mickie was exceptional once again...she's a natural.

Found this wall by the Green Belt and it was an excellent place for faux rock climbing. So of course, that is exactly what I did...rock climbed a little and then laid face down on a wall and had Mickie take my picture.

So to begin with Mickie was a little skeptical of my choice to go planking...she had the audacity to think that my idea was going to be less than fun. But in the end we had a great time and may or may not be addicted to planking. "You either get planking or you don't...I don't. But I love it!" There is just something fun about finding new and cooler places to lay face down and take a random picture. I can't wait for my next planking adventure. Planking - Idaho Falls turned into a great success. Where will the next adventure be? Who knows...maybe Salt Lake City, St. George, or Wisconsin.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Well...I am still alive

Well I know that it has been a long while since I wrote anything on this blog, over a year. I know I am really bad to not share anything with the world about my life. And I can't even say that my life has been boring. I graduated from college, moved to Idaho Falls, bought a house, and I have learned a lot about myself through everything that has happened. Mostly I have learned that I still have a lot to learn. Idaho has been a good place to live, I am trying to fit in and sometimes I succeed. Case in point, the picture below. And you have to admit, that I make dirt look good.
I promise that I will not let another year go by without letting the world know what I am up to...who knows I might even put something worth writing down on here. The above picture is worth saving.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snowshoeing and 25-3

So this weekend my roommates and I rented some snowshoes from the ORC and had a riotous time traipsing around Logan canyon. Friday night we did a little nigh snowshoeing which was fun for my first time...the snow really brightened everything up so we didn't even have to use flashlights. Then this afternoon we did some snowshoeing up the Jardine Juniper trail. It was so much fun to blaze through the powder and jump off little hills. I have definitely taken a liking to snowshoeing and if I end up somewhere where they have snow, I just might invest into a pair of my very own. Maybe 2 pairs so that I can convince someone to go with me. And Stacie if you will notice in the picture, I am wearing the very cute green striped turtle neck that you have me my freshman year at college. Snowshoeing was a lot of fun and I would recommend it to anyone that likes to hike.In sad and bad news, Utah State lost to Saint Mary's today by 11 points. So much for being ranked in the top 25. I would be deeply depressed if I didn't have such a good time going snowshoeing. But our official record of the season is 25-3, hopefully we will be able to pull off some more wins before the end of the season and clinch the WAC Championship regular season title. Then I get to enjoy the WAC Tournament. GO AGGIES!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am coming off the high of another great Aggie basketball game. Which is good considering the depression that I was in after the loss to Boise on Saturday. Last night the Aggie men played CS Bakersfield and came off with a 21 point win with a final score of 78-57. It was a good game and Matt Formisano even made 7 points and 5 rebounds. It was a good game for him and I always like to see him succeed because he lacks confidence.

With a record of 25-2, it has been a great season with the Aggies. GO AGGIES!


But on to the big news, this Saturday at 3 o'clock Mountain Standard time Utah State will be playing Saint Mary's in their ESPN bracketbuster. This promises to be a good game considering that the teams are pretty well matched up. It will be a hard game for the Aggies because it will be at Saint Mary's. So if you have ESPN2 or know somebody that does I would recommend watching the Aggies take on Saint Mary's.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Photo Tag

So, I was tagged by my sister Stacie for a photo tag. And I was thinking how can I do this because my computer just crashed and I had to get a new hard drive so there are no pictures currently on my computer. But lucky for you and me I have facebook. So I went to my 4th album and took my 4th picture.Here it is in all its glory. This picture was taken when I was living in Wisconsin, the summer of 2006. It was the summer that the movie Superman Returns came out and as you can probably tell I was really excited for the movie. My friend April made me this cape to watch the movie in and it was basically amazing so I had to take like 50 pictures of me wearing it.

I just had to add this picture, eventhough it was the 5th picture. It is much cuter because it has my adorable neice and nephew are in their capes with me...we had a great summer with our superhero capes.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Ward Prayer

I tried to upload a video but it was too big. We thought that we were pretty funny. Each of us dressed up like one of the other roommates and then we were interviewed as them. The very end got cut off, but other than that it is all here. I was April, Melanie was Mickie, Kellie was me, Mickie was Kellie, and April was Melanie. We even tried to pick up on each others mannerisms so if you look in the background you will see us doing some pretty weird things. We had a great time and made people laugh, so what more can I ask for. We had been planning this for a while, so I am glad that it turned out well and that people got to know us better. We even got the Bishop laughing.
Above is a picture of all of us. From left to right: Melanie as Mickie, Mickie as Kellie, April as Melanie, me as April, and Kellie as me. This is a fun picture because we are all acting as the other person makes me really happy. We had a great time and I found out about some weird quirks that I have that I didn't even know about.

This weekend we also had a great time for Alli's birthday. We floated the canal and played frisbee golf. I live to Frolf. Just kidding but I like to say that. It was fun and I was horrible at it. But as long as I enjoy being bad that is all that matters. Then on Saturday we floated the canal and had strawberry shortcake. We also made Cafe Rio salads on Sunday...those are always good. All in all I think that we should have more birthdays, because then we could party all year round.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Over June 13-15 I went to a conference in Boulder, Colorado. I had a really great time and I learned a lot. I also found my new favorite hardware store. It is in Boulder and its name is McGuckin Hardware. Don't worry, I got a t-shirt from the hardware store.

The picture above is of me presenting the first day of the conference. I think that I look really silly presenting and not just because my mouth is open in this picture. I talk with my hands too much.

This is me the morning of launch. Each school launched a payload on a weather balloon that testing something for the satellites that we are each designing. We were testing the release mechanism for our photometer tube cover. It was pretty exciting.

Above is a picture of the weather balloon carrying up the payloads. Along with our payload went a pair of my socks and my t-shirt. We forgot to bring foam to insulate our box so I had to go into the bathroom right before launch and take off my shirt. So I wore just a sweatshirt for the entire day. Scandalous I know.

Above is a picture of Utah State's SHOT II team on the morning of launch. I am on the left, the Josh, Keith, and Nicholas. And don't worry at this point I don't have my t-shirt on. Overall it was a good experience our payload didn't work because of the difference in the coefficient of thermal expansion of epoxy and aluminum. I learned a lot at this conference and it wasn't all about satellites and weather balloons.