Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am coming off the high of another great Aggie basketball game. Which is good considering the depression that I was in after the loss to Boise on Saturday. Last night the Aggie men played CS Bakersfield and came off with a 21 point win with a final score of 78-57. It was a good game and Matt Formisano even made 7 points and 5 rebounds. It was a good game for him and I always like to see him succeed because he lacks confidence.

With a record of 25-2, it has been a great season with the Aggies. GO AGGIES!


But on to the big news, this Saturday at 3 o'clock Mountain Standard time Utah State will be playing Saint Mary's in their ESPN bracketbuster. This promises to be a good game considering that the teams are pretty well matched up. It will be a hard game for the Aggies because it will be at Saint Mary's. So if you have ESPN2 or know somebody that does I would recommend watching the Aggies take on Saint Mary's.

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Deneille said... are on a blogging roll! GO AGGIES!